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Thank you for sharing about women's heart disease

Los Angeles Southern California Chapter

February 14, 2018

RE: Lois Trader Presentation to WIFS

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known of Lois Trader for over a year when our President Lynn Hill mentioned a book she had written called There’s an Elephant on My Chest. Knowing that heart attacks are the silent killer of women, we wanted her to come and speak at our meeting.

Lois Trader was our guest speaker at Women in Insurance and Financial Services meeting earlier this month. We learned useful information regarding heart attack prevention. She shared her touching story, like no other I have heard, of determination and belief in what your body is telling you. Somehow this serious subject, she is able to convey in an uplifting educational way.

I hope you have the opportunity to hear her story and learn from her experience. We learned so much. She gave us tools we can immediately incorporate in our lives. 

Thank you Lois, I hope our paths cross again soon.


Bobbi Barbera

Board of Directors

WIFS – Los Angeles Chapter

6700 Fallbrook Avenue, Suite 100

West Hills, CA 91307

(310) 261-0399

I devoured your book.  What fabulous information for women and their families, told with a sense of humor, while revealing your pain.  I thought it was excellent and wish you would speak at a staff meeting. Connie J Corsentino – ECCU   

Lois Trader writes like she speaks. . . honestly, eloquently, with humor and style. Like a warrior in battle, she looks life's problems directly in the eye and says “Yes!” The Lady in the Red Dress is Lois, and her insights come straight from the heart.  Harry Hall, Writer/Producer – CBS Television City, Hollywood, CA  

"Lois' book doesn't just help women learn how to deal and cope with heart disease. It helps them deal with life." Steve Krull – President California Police Chiefs Association   

I am sure that the story of Lois Trader, our lady in the red dress, will strike a chord in many readers. Her powerful story is by no means unique, but she has the vision and courage to speak up and share her life so that other women can be more aware, and therefore, be more proactive about their cardiovascular health.  Dr. Jannet Huang, MD, FRCPC, FACE   

The Motion Picture Mothers wants to thank you. Everyone had such a good time and wished your presentation could have lasted longer. The information you gave us verbally, and what we have read in your book, is so informative and crucial to women. All of the Mothers are so appreciative that you were able to share your story. Martha J. Selleck 

Your unfailing commitment is insurmountable. You have inspired us to continue our  mission to promoting Heart Health Awareness. Nina Crowe - Soroptimist International   

On behalf of The Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (DHDSP), we would like to personally thank you for your continuous effort and dedication to such an important cause. Behnoosh Ramji, M.P.H. - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, Cardiovascular Health Communications   

I feel the need to stop and applaud Lois Trader on her uncanny ability to discuss difficult and confusing medical terminology—not to mention diagnostic testing and treatment options—and make them simple and easy to understand.  Yours in health, Warren D. Johnston, MD, FACC, FACP   

Lois is a knowledgeable, fervent and dedicated advocate for her cause. At the same time, she is unpretentious and, with laughter and a loving heart, draws her audience into the topic of heart disease and its prevention. No one likes even think about heart disease, but Lois’ wisdom, passion, and sense of humor imparts empowerment instead of fear. Professor Claire E. Nava, Concordia University, Irvine, California State University Fullerton   

"On behalf of the students, staff and faculty of Chapman University, I want to say thanks for your expertise and message at our recent “Fit for Life” lecture series. The knowledge that you provided was delivered professionally and with passion. Each of us walked away feeling renewed and in charge of our own health destiny.”  Dr. Kugler, Chapman University   

You made an excellent presentation... congratulations... Senator James L. Brulte   

Laguna and Bellflower were TERRIFIC! Members and staff alike made a point of telling me how informative and entertaining you were. Thank you so much!  Cindy Wood R.N. & Curves Owner     

We thoroughly enjoyed Lois Trader's presentation and testimony.  Lois did such a wonderful job in presenting the facts on women's heart issues through clear, simple to understand facts.  Never before did we hear the symptoms, risks and cholesterol facts so clearly.  Lois herself is an excellent speaker.  Every eye was captivated for the full hour she spoke. It inspired our women to take better care of themselves and to take an active role in pursuing all avenues in regards to their health.  Life Center Assembly of God - Barbara Simmonds Women’s Ministry     

Lois Trader is truly and amazing woman. If you are lucky enough to meet her you’ll feel her energy. Growing up as her daughter, I've been trying to understand how someone who gets knocked down so many times can still get back up, and always does. Her story is inspirational and women all over the world should get the chance to hear it and learn from her struggles and successes.  Bethany Ruth